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¿Qué Onda LatinGüera?

Saludos, I am Crystal Calderoni;  fitness trainer, actress,  animal/water activist who resides in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Why is it that Mexico doesn’t have any funding for educational programming which teaches people how to love and take care of their bodies, animals or our planet?   Why is it that we are #1 in diabetes in the world and #2 in obesity behind the US whilst consuming more sodas than any other country in the world and yet there is not one BONAFIDE exercise program which delivers  safe and effective excercise routines so that anyone can benefit by working out with me without having to leave their home? Why can’t we integrate what I am already doing (protesting, educating, teaching and saving lives) to the poorest of our communities so that they may empower themselves to look at their world differently and realize that they too, have the ability to take better care of themselves and reverse the cycle of abuse (animals and contamination) that they have been taught through a  TV show which focuses on local issues, which are an inherent part of our community in a light-hearted manner much like “A Gringo en Mexico?”  ( I have already received the “green light” for a 30 minute exercise segment but i am...

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Messenger of Change (Part 1)

Biologically speaking, we are the only animals to retire or even think of the notion of not working and relaxing and perhaps for some… boozing it up, until they take their last breath. Well perhaps not everyone takes this road of debauchery, but I’ve seen my fair share here: sitting in public places, drunk as a skunk and looking older by the moment. I often wonder why they are not taking better care of themselves and instead seem to foster this attitude of “chasing death” instead of “chasing life.” It’s no wonder that we as Americans were only producing 10 centenarians for each 100,000 people ( 2005) as compared to the citizens of Okinawa (between the Japanese Islands and Taiwan) who had 699 people out of a population of 1.3 million. What is the radical difference in our cultures? Is there an immortality gene that they have which isn’t replicated in our DNA? Not really. If you look at Okinawans who have moved away and have adopted the lifestyle of their new country, you will see them quickly developing a lifespan in close relation to their neighbors. That suggests that the longevity results more from the way the Okinawans live and not to some genetic predisposition. What can they teach us? A lot! Stay...

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2013 Resolutions? Disillusioned?

In my 25 years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I have always looked forward to each new January, the month when couch potatoes get off the couch and go to the gym in droves. We in the industry always see an influx of new students right after the first of the year. But as everyone in my business knows, after January 15, ninety-five percent of the newbies never return, while a mere five percent remain firmly committed....

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Basic Core Ball Training

This is the first part of a series of exercises specifically designed for the unwilling client who detests going to the gym and who suffers from lower back pain such as sciatica and has stenosis of the spine which can be temporarily self-treated by subscribing and doing these exercises 3x per week for long-lasting results. Think of these as Back Rehab...

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Let’s get Crystallized

  If working out were an easy thing to do, then most of us would be in the gym getting healthy and looking fit. The reality is we often find exercising an unpleasant task; monotonous, boring and sometimes even painful. Without proper guidance, few of us find much joy in what we do at the gym and can inevitably lose sight of our goals. The time has come for you to find a fitness routine that is rewarding and...

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Love Yourself to Life

I really  enjoyed  reading the August 3 weight-loss article written by my colleague,  Liz Montes,  in which she drives home two salient points which are key to maintaining any successful weight loss battle: AEROBIC:   regularly maintaining a cardio program of moderate (30 minutes of brisk walking/swimming x 5 days per week) interspersed with  vigorous (1.5 hrs jogging/aerobic class) intensity. ANAEROBIC:  Strength training  twice per week (using machines or any other weight-resistant object.) She mentions BMR (basic metabolic rate) and...

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Cancer: Embracing Your Twist of Fate

Communicating as we do from time to time via Facebook, catching up on the trivial, arcane and sometimes the trials/tribulations of life as we live it, has continuously bound Wendy and I together although separated by countries and borders. Borders never existed between us. If we didn’t reach out or “touch in” within a block of months, as soon as we emailed, our dialogue was as fresh and provocative as the first time we met, as most of my...

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About Me

Free-spirited and with a tireless work ethic, Crystal continues to pursue her passion in the dramatic arts while maintaining a steady career as a personal trainer.

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Eating 5-6 small meals a day ensures you will be burning more glucose and storing less fat. The sure-fire way to boost your metabolism, no matter what age you are!

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